Customized for information security in higher education

Quality ISMS software allows higher education institutions to keep their information security up to date. Good information security is critical to the long-term survival of any organization. Moreover, information security is increasingly seen as a standard requirement of customers or users.

With this knowledge in mind, Axxemble strives to support higher education institutions in a concrete and practical way with professional information security and privacy protection. This is why we have developed Base27, an ISMS tool that allows organizations to set up their information security in a simple and structured way. We are convinced that good information security does not have to be difficult or expensive. With Base27, we prove that it is possible.

Fully customize Base27 to your educational organization

Base27 is modular and the different modules can be selected as needed. This creates a perfect integration with already existing solutions within your own organization.

The policy framework, as offered within the online environment, can also be fully customized to your educational organization. Through the subscription to this ISMS software, updates also become available automatically.

The updates apply not only to the software itself, but also to the content. This keeps your policy fully in line with the information security standards. All changes made are naturally tracked and successive versions of the information can be recorded and approved.


All the tools for continuous monitoring and improvement of your information security

Using Base27, Axxemble offers a solution to achieve information security quickly and effectively. By using best practices in cyber security, focused on higher education, you have all the tools at your disposal to inform employees, make processes secure, perform risk analyses quickly and easily, and continuously monitor and improve security.

Because many educational institutions have a recognizable organizational structure, many common processes have already been described, including measures and points of attention for safe working. Implementation is therefore fast and the focus is mainly on your own specific points. Why reinvent the wheel?

Besides support for the core processes around information security, Base27 also offers you the means for supplier management, competency development of staff, asset registration, execution of internal audits, reports, etc.