Does your organisation process personal data? Then you also need to protect them properly. The ISO 27701 is an addition to the existing ISO 27001 standard. This addition has been specially developed around the protection of personal data.

What is ISO 27701?

The additional standard ISO 27701 focuses on the protection of personal data and became available worldwide in September 2019. It is an international standard that allows an organisation to take measures within their existing ISMS (based on ISO 27001) regarding the protection of personal data.

ISO 27701 certification

Because ISO 27701 complements ISO 27001, it is possible to be certified for it. Do you and your organisation meet all the set standards and requirements? Then you will receive an internationally recognised certificate. With this certificate you can show your (future) customers that your organisation has the protection of personal data in order.

Implementation of ISO 27701

The official ISO 27701 supplement is available in English. However, in cooperation with Procis a Dutch translation has been developed and made available for use in our ISMS program Base27.

Are you using Base27? Then you can get started right away to implement the additional standard in an easy way.

Because the ISO 27701 is numbered in a different way than the ISO 27001, you have to frequently flip between the various standards during implementation. This works very unpleasantly. In Base27, the reference to ISO 27001 is directly included and incorporated. This way you have the necessary information conveniently together.


Our solution: Base27

The goal of Axxemble is to support organizations in small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in a smart and above all practical way to achieve adequate information security. With our own developed framework, SMBs can quickly and easily define their own policies and start the process for risk management with regard to information security.

We have brought all this together in our online software tooling Base27. The software provides support in the form of a portal for employees where they can learn about all the necessary information. They also stay up to date on new developments through this portal. Base27 is the beating heart for performing risk analyses, realising the treatment plan, selecting suppliers, monitoring effectiveness and handling (security) incidents.