Every healthcare organization must comply with NEN 7510. This is a national requirement when it comes to handling privacy-sensitive information.

It is not unexpected that much attention is paid to the protection of information. After all, this information goes from GP to specialist (or even multiple specialists), only to return to the GP. Medical and patient data are frequently exchanged with each other.

NEN 7510 is an international standard for information security in the healthcare sector. It is mandatory for healthcare providers to apply NEN 7510 within the organisation. The standard describes the process of information security on the basis of which an organisation gets and keeps information security in order, especially aimed at the healthcare sector.

What does the NEN 7510 entail?

In healthcare, it can be important to be able to act quickly. Healthcare providers must have access to the right reliable information at any time. In addition, it is very important that this information cannot get into the hands of external parties. 

Because of the large number of parties working in healthcare, information security is very complex. Each party plays its own role in collecting data, storing and processing, as well as transporting information.

NEN 7510 is an umbrella standard that provides a framework for each party for the processes relevant to that specific party. In addition, NEN 7510 also immediately provides the associated measures. Because the NEN 7510 is mandatory, the standard is available free of charge.

The NEN 7510 is based on the ISO 27001, the more general standard for information security. Basically, the NEN 7510 describes exactly this standard, supplemented with care-specific measures.

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What is NEN 7510 certification and is NEN 7510 certification mandatory?

In short, NEN 7510 is an information security standard developed specifically for the healthcare sector. Think of hospitals, general practitioners, pharmacists, nursing homes et cetera. It is a legal requirement for all healthcare providers to apply NEN 7510, but although they must comply with the standard, certification is not mandatory.

Why the NEN 7510?

Because there are so many diverse parties working together - think healthcare providers, patients, insurers, government agencies and other stakeholders - information security in healthcare is very complex. Each party plays a role in collecting data, storing, processing and transporting information. To ensure the security of sensitive information, the NEN 7510 was introduced.

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