This policy states in what way Artificial Intelligence (AI) may be used or applied within Axxemble and through the systems that we develop.

1. Responsibility

We are dedicated to uphold the highest standards with respect to the use, development and deployment of AI systems.

  • Avoid using AI systems in ways that could harm individuals, discriminate against any groups, or perpetuate societal inequalities.
  • Follow ethical guidelines that prioritise fairness, diversity, inclusiveness, transparency, and accountability in AI system development and deployment.
  • Actively work to identify and mitigate biases in AI systems.
  • Consider overall compliance and privacy and security principles in the design, development, use and implementation of AI systems.
  • Only use reputable AI tools that meet our security and data protection standards and adhere to the same ethical standards and legal requirements as outlined in this policy.
  • Staff should recognise the limitations of AI and always use their judgment when interpreting and acting on AI-generated results and recommendations.
  • Staff should stay informed about advances in AI technology and potential ethical concerns.

2. Accountability

We are committed to ensure the development and use of AI systems with applicable rules and guidelines and believe that AI systems must remain accountable.

  • Comply with applicable laws and regulations related to the use of AI and ensuring that our AI systems are designed and operated within the appropriate legal framework.
  • Implement and maintain robust data security measures to safeguard information against unauthorised access, breaches, or misuse.
  • Ensure the integrity and security of AI models and algorithms to prevent tampering or malicious use.
  • Apply continuous monitoring of AI systems for potential security threats and respond to all confirmed incidents.

3. Transparency

We respect the privacy of individuals and are committed to ensure users understand when AI systems are at work through clear, understandable and transparent notices and other disclosures regarding the use of AI.

  • Strive to enhance the user experience and understanding and ensure alignment with user expectations.
  • Offer the choice for users whether or not to use AI for functions that can also be performed otherwise.
  • Collect and use only the data necessary to allow the AI system to function properly, adhering to the principle of data minimisation.
  • Establish robust and clear data retention policies and responsible data handling procedures.
  • Maintain human oversight in AI powered decision-making processes, particularly in situations that involve sensitive or ethical considerations.
  • Users should be able to challenge the use or outcomes of the AI system.

See also the guidelines on development of AI systems by the UK NCSC. These guidelines are to be applied in line with this policy.

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